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Friday, May 27, 2011

I knew Krissy and Paul were avid Cardinals fans from the first time I met them. Having the good fortune to be able to do their engagement photos at Busch Stadium really complimented the couples personalities. Their luck held out again when on their wedding day there was a 90 percent chance of rain. Krissy wanted an outside wedding. The lucky couple got their wish and they had a beautiful sunny day all day long! Thank you Krissy and Paul for the opportunity to serve you on your special day. Krissy and Paul's photos can be viewed on line at
Click on the Gallery tab in the upper left hand corner and scroll down to Krissy and Paul.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Julie and Jeff April 30, 2011

I photographed a special wedding that I would like to share some of the details. I first met Julie almost two years ago. It was at that time, my cousin Bill and his family came to visit my family on the Fourth of July. Bill brought with the family, his son Jeff's girlfriend, Julie. After spending some memorable time with my family, I could see that Julie was a very special girl. She and Jeff had a special chemistry that was a perfect blend of their two personalities. I told Bill that if Jeff and Julie ever became a Mr. and Mrs McMackins, let me know and I would love to photograph their wedding for them. A year later I got a phone call from Bill saying that the date was set, would I still be interested in photographing the wedding? My response was "Absolutely, it would be an honor!"

I spoke with Bill several other times after that phone call. Bill was so good about picking up the phone and just asking, "how are you doing?." What I did not know was that I would never see Bill again. He died unexpectedly this past Christmas. We travelled to Minneapolis for the funeral. I was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the community. Bill had touched so many lives as a Professor, Paramedic, Father, Husband and Friend. It was truly a sad time.

I returned to Minneapolis this past weekend to photograph Jeff and Julie's wedding. This visit was a happy one, that I will appreciate the memories from for a lifetime.
Posted are a few of the photos from the wedding. The rest will be posted on my website later this week. To go directly to the proof site you can google the following address:
Click on the orange gallery tab and scroll down to Jeff and Julie.

Thank you Jeff and Julie for allowing me the opportunity to share in your special day. Thank you for your kindness and thank you for the memories.