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Monday, June 24, 2013

Choosing your wedding photographer.
Choosing a wedding photographer is no easy task.  The person you choose will spend most of your special day with you .  The photographer is responsible for creating images that not only record the day but will last for generations. 
When choosing your photographer, keep in mind the following:
1. Are there hidden charges? For example, is there an additional fee for additional hours? 
2.  Are albums included in the package?
3.  Will you be given a copyright release if you buy only a DVD?
4.  Will the DVD you purchase have edited images on it?
5.  Does the price include a second photographer?  Can a second photographer be available?
6.  Does the photographer have backup equipment?  What equipment does the photographer use?
7. Does the photographer work well with videographers? 
8.  How long after the wedding will you get to see the images?
9.  Is there on line proofing?
10.  Do  you have a good rapport with the photographer?  Is it someone you would be comfortable spending the day with?

11. Is the photographer experienced?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

So you are engaged, now what?
Have you considered a theme for your wedding?  There are multiple themes you can choose from.  Country Chic or Rustic Country themes have  been  popular in the last couple of  years.  In choosing a theme for your wedding choose something that your and your fiancee really enjoy.  Carry the theme through out the wedding from table decorations, to flowers, favors etc.  Attached are photos from a wedding I photographed recently.  I was impressed with all of the subtle little touches the bride and her family used to carry it through.  Here is an example of Rustic Country.


Saturday, June 15, 2013

It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Courtney and Dan on their wedding day.   These two have known one another for years, they are High School sweethearts and were Co-Valedictorians of their class!  I wish them both many years of success and happiness.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Congratulations to Kelli and Nick!  Special Thanks to Balducci Winery, Brewskies Beer Garden and Vintage Hair Salon!  

So you are engaged, now what?

Choosing a wedding venue
Up next on our list of tips for wedding planning is venue choice.  Choosing a wedding venue can be overwhelming, especially in this area.  With an abundance of urban and country settings, it can seem impossible to find the one that is perfect for you.  There are Wineries, Bed and Breakfasts, Churches, Outdoor locations, and Historic locations to choose from.  Let’s start from the top on how to pick the perfect one for you. 
1.  First of all, time is of the essence.  As soon as you have a budget set you need to try and find a wedding location quickly, a year out if possible.  Venues tend to book very quickly.
2.  Review your budget.  How much have you budgeted toward your wedding venue?   Pick something within your price range but that meets the look you are trying to go for.  Also, some venues give discounts for booking your date on a Friday or a Sunday, as Saturdays tend to be the most busy during the summers.
2.   Figure out how many guests are attending.  You don’t want to have too much or too little space available.  Knowing how many guests will come will help you choose a location that suits you well.  Also, it is best to find a location that is easily accessible, particularly if you have older guests attending.
3.  If you are considering an outdoor location or a winery, be sure to ask if they have indoor space available.  Rain is common during the summer months and it’s always best to have a backup plan.   
4.  Talk with the venue proprietors and see if they offer catering.  You may wish to use their service, or hire your own catering company, depending on what is served.  Again, refer back to the number of guests you have invited and your budget when planning this step.
5.  Like catering, it is best to ask if the location is full service.  Some venues offer decorations, wait staff, and music at a discounted price, however others may require you to hire your own.  Be sure if you are hiring your own to check the rules and guidelines of the venue.   
6.  If you plan on having liquor at your wedding, check with the venue early to see if they can provide bar service or if you need to hire it out. 
7.  Finally, check the contract for hidden costs.  Some places may require fees for cleanup and other services, be sure you take these into account of your budget while planning. 

The rule of thumb is to ask questions and make sure you get full and complete answers.  Be sure to visit possible locations to get a feel for the staff and the service they provide.  With a little time and preparation, choosing a venue can be easy.  

Sunday, June 2, 2013

So you are engaged. Now what???

If you are nervous about planning your wedding, or would simply like some assistance in various stages of the process, we hope that this guide will help alleviate any stress in the planning process.

Early on, it can seem like planning a wedding is an insurmountable task at first, but with proper planning and a skilled team of professionals supporting you, you can take the worry out of planning for your special day.  We recommend that all couples start working on their wedding plans as soon as possible.  It may seem the wedding date is many months away, but it will be here before you know it.

The first and most important step in the processes is creating a budget.  Your budget sets the framework for your entire wedding and can be used as a guide for pricing professional services later.  Always be realistic when calculating your wedding finances, you don't want to miss anything because of a miscalculation.  Once you have established your budget you can begin to compare and purchase wedding services. 

                                    Checklist of services you will need for your wedding.

                        1.  Choose your wedding venue
                        2.  Choose your reception venue
                        3.  Choose the rings
                        4.  Choose your photographer
                        5.  Choose your florist
                        6.  Choose your music for the ceremony and the reception
                        7.  Choose your attendants
                        8.  Choose your wedding stationary (invitations, save the date cards)
                        9. Plan your honeymoon

Skilled professionals have dedicated years to perfecting their trade in each one of these categories.  With enough time and proper research, choosing your wedding services does not have to be a challenging task.  Over the coming weeks we will be posting more detailed tips and information regarding each one of these important aspects of wedding planning. 

More than fifteen years in the wedding industry has given me insight and experience in planning your perfect day.  Early preparation will make your wedding day exactly what you are dreaming of.  I hope this guide will be of assistance for all future couples.  Please note that wedding needs vary depending on a number of circumstances, if you ever need professional assistance in wedding planning I would gladly refer you to one of the highly skilled wedding planners in this region.